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HR with Ease, Wollongong NSW

Yvonne Walker

Tenielle has been supporting my business for a couple of months now and it has made such a difference. Nothing is too much trouble and I know she has my back in terms of urgent client requests. I had the advantage of already knowing Tenielle prior to her startup in business and I know she is someone I can trust with confidential information and to represent my business professionally.

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Storybrook Briday, Gerringong, NSW

Chantelle Jones

I have know Tenielle for 10 years meeting through professional channels. Being an enormously knowledgeable and professional person, I approached her to assist with some HR/Administrative Tasks during the temporary closure of my business during COVID_19 restrictions. The communication, understanding and turnaround time was exceptional as was her advice. I highly recommend Tenielle in assisting you within the administrative side of your business. A virtual assistant that is 'real' is an enormous asset. Get in touch today!

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South Coast Women in Building & Construction

Maxine Wiseman, Director

Tenielle Stevenson is definitely fantastic about getting things organised! I’ve known her for over 5 years and I trust in her competence and her ability to get things done with a professional approach, so much so that I was pleased to have her come on board with South Coast Women in Building & Construction as a co-director. An asset to anything she puts her mind to and with TK Business Support that’s exactly what you will get, support for your business

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Three Little Pigs Construction, Toowoomba, QLD

Travis Anthony

Tenielle is very approachable and knowledgeable in the building industry, she has good admin skills and works with us on projects with clear communication and within the timeframe. Tenielle has helped make our business process simple and is a asset to use as it has saved me time to work on other parts of my business.

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Quality First Constructions, QLD

Tim Lee, Director

In a short time we have been working with TK Business Support, the team has proven to be an excellent asset to our company. Tenielle and her team have provided a level of professionalism that has taken our administration systems and practices to the next level which was exactly what we had hoped for. Not only does Tenielle assist us with the tasks we need help with, she is also always looking at ways for us to innovate and create better methods to streamline and simplify our administrative processes. I would highly recommend Tenielle and her team to anyone owning a construction company needing remote assistance with their admin.

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Kingsbridge Consulting, Illawarra NSW

Daniel Bates, Director

The service provided by TK Business Support has been outstanding and Tenielle's approach is consistently professional, diligent and helpful.  I will be using TK Business Support regularly in the future as I know that any work I outsource to Tenielle will be completed to a high standard and will help to promote a positive image of my business to new and existing customers.  I would recommend TK Business Support to any business owner in the Building & Construction industry looking to streamline their processes by outsourcing admin tasks to a reliable and experienced VA.

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Black Diamond Constructions, Bulli, NSW

Dean Sidoni, Director

We have been using Tenielle at TK Business Support for 6 months and in that time have found Tenielle to be a valuable asset to our business. Tenielle always has great ideas and knowledge on systems to help us get more organised and efficient. If she doesn’t know the full ins and outs of something she will do her research and come back with a well-thought-out proposal next time we talk. Tenielle is helping us get on top of time management, client correspondence, cost tracking, and health and safety. She also has an extensive list of contacts in the industry that would be invaluable to any construction business.