Do you always have to reset your password? I have the solution for you !

I have been using the same variations for passwords for years which in the tech world is a big no-no! But how on earth do you remember all these crazy made-up passwords??

Password Managers!

My mind was blown, ever since I got a password manager app I have been shouting about it to my clients, my friend, and of course random people on social media.

I use the paid version of Dashlane...I have it on my PC, laptop, phone, and iPad. Dashlane allows me to generate these crazy passwords and I don't need to remember them. I can even securely share my login details with my team when needed and they only have the access level I allow them to.

I also have a tradie husband whose technology is not his thing, I can quickly access our Netflix password or his iTunes password and let him know what they are!

There are many different password managers out there but the two I suggest checking out are;

Dashlane as this app is aimed for the more security-focused clients and currently is Free for 1 device or $39.99 USD a year for multiple devices.

Last Pass this app is best known for its ease of use and is currently free for 1 device or $54.00 AUD a year for multiple devices.


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