My name is Tenielle Knox, and I would love to assist you to become more productive in your day to day and achieve your business and personal goals.

My mission is to give you time, time to work on the important tasks of your business or to be able to spend more time with your family. I will take on the tasks you don’t have time for, don’t know well or simply don’t like to do. 

I have an extensive background in Administration, Tender Coordination, Document Control, WHS and Quality Management working primarily in the Construction, Mining and Corporate World.    

I am passionate about being organised, having order and making things in your life (and mine) easier! I love to watch something unfold and grow into something amazing! I am known for being the go-to problem solver, the organiser of all things, producing high standards of work even under pressure. I’m also a confident communicator, and I understand that you’re busy running your business.