TK Business Support is a team of virtual industry professionals who specialise in working with business owners struggling to manage the functional aspects of their business.


We have the skills and expertise to identify and deliver cost-effective, holistic business management solutions that give them back precious time, to focus on what they love, whether that be growing their business or more family time.


Our team has extensive experience in all areas of office administration in a variety of industries but it’s our specialist knowledge of the construction industry with an expertise in tender coordination, document control, WHS and Quality Management that makes us stand out.


We love what we do and are passionate about being organised, having order and making things in your life (and ours) easier!  We are known for being the go-to problem solver, the organiser of all things, and take pride in producing high standards of work, even under pressure.


Helping business owners discover how they can manage the functional aspects of their business more efficiently is very satisfying!


TK Business Support is a Certified Australian Virtual Business with the VA Institute of Australia and a member of the Master Builders Association of NSW. We are proud to be part of an amazing network of supportive professionals in Australia.


Whether you are looking for help on a single occasion or ongoing, TK Business Support can tailor a solution to suit your needs.



TK Business Support’s mission is to give business owners back precious time, time to focus on the vital aspects of their business or to be able to spend more time with their family. Our team take on those functional tasks you don’t have time for, don’t know well or simply don’t like to do!



We are a team that delivers results – you can depend on us!


We will always be honest and transparent – you can trust us!


We have the skills, experience and capabilities necessary – if we don’t we will learn or find someone who does!


We have strong connections with other industry experts – our relationships are important to our success.